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Peter Violette
20 Park Street
Madawaska, Maine 
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Listing Number:FSBO1055
Address:20 Park Street
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Property Description: I wish to sell several properties which I have acquired over the years, working in the Timber industry. These properties were selectively cut for lumber products in the past and are prime areas for homes or camps, or for recreational uses. Being retired from the business has led me to believe they would be used and appreciated to a much greater degree than just sitting idle.

The conditions of these properties are ideal for wildlife of all sorts. Many large game species wander these woodlands for feed and bedding. If you're at all interested in this aspect of nature, these lots could provide many hours of wildlife observations.

These are quiet, peaceful areas which most everyone enjoys surrounding themselves with from time to time. Lack of pollution and clean air are a plus to this part of the country.

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